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Nveda Omega-3 Fish Oil Pack of 2 | 120 Softgels

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  • For Healthy Hearts, Joints and Brain
  • Non-Vegetarian Product, comprises of Fish Oil
  • 1000 mg Fish Oil with 180 Mg EPA & 120 Mg DHA
  • Intake By Adults(Unisex)
  • 60 SOFT GELATIN capsules per Bottle
  • Please Click here for more details on Youtube.
  • Omega 3 fatty acids, also known as good fat, are not produced in the body. It is challenging to get it from a regular diet as few food ingredients contain Omega 3. So it is important to get Omega 3 thru supplements.
  • Nveda Omega 3 is a rich source of heart-healthy essential fatty acids—DHA and EPA. As it has anti-inflammatory properties, it helps promote Joint mobility as well as flexibility.
  • Several studies have confirmed that Omega 3 fatty acids are good for cardiovascular health.
  • Nveda Omega 3 helps in recovery of muscles after exercise.
  • As DHA is a structural component of our skin. It is responsible for the health of cell membranes, which make up a large part of our skin. Also EPA present in Omega 3 helps hydration of our skin.
  • Nveda Omega 3 is extracted from marine fish through a method that helps superior absorption and better bioavailability.
Omega -3 Fish Oil
Each soft gelatin capsule contains (approx value): *RDA%
Fish Oil: 1000 mg *NS
Eicosapentaenoic Acid: 180 mg *NS
Docosahexaenoic Acid: 120 mg *NS
Excipients: q.s
Other Ingredients:
Gelatin Animal origin (Capsule Shells INS 428), Glycerin (Humectant INS 422),
Sorbitol (Stabilizer Ins 402ii), Preservatives (INS 320, INS 217 & INS 219 )

Customer Reviews

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Manabendra Roy
I am really satisfied.

I am really satisfied.

Sushil Kumar Kunj.
Nveda Omega-3 Fish Oil Pack of 2

I really appreciate for supplying the product well in time. Now I am taking one capsule on daily basis.

Arun Lokhande

Feel good and fit

Gopal Saha

Very good original product


no comments at present yet to get proper result.

Omega 3 - FAQs


What is Omega-3 and what is it good for ?

Omega-3 is an essential fatty acid (EFA), also known as a polyunsaturated fatty acid (PUFA).  It is derived from both animal and plant sources, although Omega-3 from fish oil is the most common supplemental form. Fatty acids form the main useful fraction of fats and oils and are necessary for overall health. Because our body cannot manufacture essential fatty acids, we must get them from food or supplemental.

What is the difference between EPA and DHA ?

EPA and DHA are the active forms of omega-3. They work together in the body, but have different biological roles. EPA is considered the mediator, or peacemaker, of cell messengers and plays a vital role in regulating inflammation, blood pressure, blood clotting, immune function, and cell growth. EPA benefits heart health and mood balance, enhances joint health, and improves other inflammatory conditions. DHA plays a special role in dynamic, fast-acting cells, like brain cells and heart muscle. DHA is extremely important to components of cellular membranes and is highly concentrated in nervous system tissue such as the brain and eyes. Dietary DHA may improve cognitive and visual development and is protective against macular degeneration, stroke, dementia.

Omega -3 Fish Oil
Usage : As a dietary supplement, take 1 Tablet twice daily after a meal or as directed by a physician.
Storage: Keep bottle tightly closed and store in a cool, dry place (15-25°C) out of the reach of children.
ManufacturerIndo Rama Engineers, (WHO-cGMP & ISO 9001 : 2015 Certified Co.), Plot No. 9, Rampur Jattan, Kala-Amb(H.P.)
Dimensions of the product:10.4 x 9.1 x 5.2 Centimeters
Country Of Origin: India
Best Before: Mar 2025
Net quantity: 120 Softgels
MRP: ₹ 1360 (  ₹ 11.33 per Capsules )
Omega -3 Fish Oil
Energy: 5.648 kcal
Carbohydrate: Nil
Protein: 0.089 gm
Fat: 0.588 gm