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B Capsules for Blood Pressure Control

Sep 27, 2022

What is blood pressure? Blood pressure is the continuous physical force exerted by blood as it pushes against your arteries while your heart does its pumping action. When this force become higher than normal, then you get high blood pressure or hypertension.

Causes of high blood pressure

The exact causes of high blood pressure cannot be immediately recognized, although several factors may play a part and have an effect on it. These factors include genetics, older age, stress, lack of physical activity, too much alcohol consumption, smoking tobacco, too much salt in the diet, being overweight or obese. Sometimes taking certain kinds of medicines can cause your blood pressure to rise.

Symptoms of high blood pressure

Hypertension does not always show symptoms and about 33 per cent of people who have high blood pressure do not know that they have it. So you should always make sure that you have regular checkups to know whether your blood pressure is normal or higher than it should be. Some signs of hypertension that you should look for include the following:

  • bad headache
  • vision problems
  • fatigue or confusion
  • difficulty in breathing
  • chest pain
  • irregular heartbeat
  • pounding on your neck, ears, and chest and
  • blood in the urine

If you experience any of these symptoms, go to a physician immediately. Hypertension needs to be controlled; otherwise, it can result in serious conditions including heart disease, stroke, kidney failure, and eye problems.

Treatments for High Blood Pressure

If you’ve been diagnosed with hypertension, it is most likely that you will be advised to make lifestyle changes, eat healthy diet and perform physical exercises. It is also possible that maintenance drugs will be prescribed by your doctor to lower your blood pressure.

If you prefer to take alternative medicines, there are natural remedies for blood pressure. For example, the Ayurvedic medicine or simply Ayurveda is a healing system that has been used in India as early as 3,000 years ago. It has been developed on the idea that a delicate balance of the mind body and spirit is important in achieving health and wellness. There are a lot of supplements that contain herbs available under Ayurveda for Blood Pressure. One of these is the Nveda B Capsules as mentioned below:

Nveda B Capsules for Blood Pressure Control

It is a supplement that can be labelled as the hypertension natural cure. It has a certification from the Ayurvedic Formulary of India, as well as approval from the Ministry of Ayurveda, Yoga and Naturopathy, Unani, Sidha and Homeopathy (AYUSH). It is a government entity that is empowered to exercise governance over an organization that develops, studies and researches the field of alternative medicines.

The B Capsules for Blood Pressure Control is 100% genuine, because only the best natural herbs have been used in the medicine, which is used to control blood pressure and protect the human heart. Following is a list of the 7 ingredients of B Capsules, with their individual healing properties combined to give you a supplement that you can depend on for hypertension treatment.

  • Sarpagandha is called by many names, including Indian Snakeroot, Black Snakeroot and Devil Pepper. It is a plant that retains its green leaves throughout the year. It is an erect low growing, bushy plant with spear-shaped leaves; 7-10cm long and the white and violet flowers are 1 inch long. It is considered a useful herb in the Ayurveda, Unani and Hompeopathy medicine.Sarpagandha is given the title ‘Universal Medicine’ for Lowering Blood Pressure, but it can also aid in the treatment of high blood sugar and some kinds of neurological problems. It is a good tranquilizer, can treat insomnia and hysteria, schizophrenia, contagious bacterial diseases and fever, psychosis, anxiety and epilepsy. It can also be helpful as a natural cure for dysentery, irregular period and some other health conditions.
  • Punarnava is hogweed in English and it is given the same importance as the other therapeutic herbs used in Ayurveda medicine . This plant has rejuvenating powers the popularity of which made its name translated into “that which renews”. There are two varieties of Punarnava - the red and white. The latter is famous for being more useful and for being used in many herbal medicines.Punarnava grows along the ground. Its leaves and roots are used to treat a variety of health problems, such as inflammation, abdominal pain, heart conditions and jaundice - a medical condition caused by liver disease or obstruction of bile ducts. The plant is also great as a natural remedy for respiratory problems, liver health, stress, eye diseases and pain and kidney disorder. It can also help in managing diabetes and epilepsy. It is Natural Cure for Diabetes and for the heart, tuberculosis and skin diseases, too.
  • Gokshura or Tribulus Terrestris is also called by the names of goathead weed, bindii and puncture vine. This herb is easily located in countries with dry climates and grows well in areas that are difficult for other plants to thrive. This little flowering plant bears a fruit with 5 nutlets that have sharp projecting points. The fruits are also similar to a goat’s head or a bull with horns and these are so spiky, that it can hurt a bare foot or create a small hole on a tire.The plant has been used in almost all forms of holistic medicine for hundreds of years. (Holistic medicine is an approach to life), instead of to the illness itself or specific body parts. In this approach, the whole person is considered in his/her entirety, emphasizing on the connection of the mind, body and spirit). Today Gokshura is becoming prominent as a powerful ingredient in dietary supplements that can treat sexual dysfunction and help in improving a person’s libido. Gokshura is also known to provide a long list of health benefits that include: controlling sugar levels, better heart health and reduced level of inflammation.
  • Bhumyamalaki or Phyllantus Amarus is a weed that grows in the coastal areas. It is also called Gale of the Wind or Stonebreaker (because it has the means to prevent and fight kidney stones. It is the traditional herb for liver health. It is bitter in taste and possesses soothing, cooling and thorough cleansing property and hence detoxifies and gives strength to the liver. Bhumyamalaki is also great for optimal functioning of the gall bladder and taking good care of the skin.The leaves and fruits of the plant are used as for better control of blood pressure, cure inflammation and protection against ulcer. It contains antioxidants substances that prevents damage, due to oxygen, such as those caused by free radicals. Bhumyamalaki also has antimicrobial agents that stops the growth of or kills microorganisms.
  • Ashwagandha or Withania Somnifera is a yellow flowering plant that usually grows in India and North Africa. As in other herbs mentioned above, it also has several other names, including Winter Cherry and Indian Ginseng. In Sanskrit Ashwagandha means “smell of the horse”, which refers to the plant’s smell, which is unlike anything else and its ability to add stamina and vigour to one’s strength.Ashwagandha is among the leading herbs in Ayurveda, the alternative medicine that promotes the Indian principles of natural healing. Some of the health benefits that this plant offers include: reduction of blood sugar level, fights cancer, reduction of cortisol or stress, reduction of symptoms of depression, increase fertility in men, treat inflammation, increase muscle mass and strength and boost testosterone levels.
  • Jatamansi or Spikenard is an herb that has long been used in Ayurvedic medicine. It grows very well in Nepal, China and the Himalayas in India. It has pink flowers. The rhizomes or the underground stems are used in Ayurveda and the sticky substance called resin is used to make natural essential oil that has a woody and spicy fragrance.In today’s age, Jatamansi is used as a natural remedy to cure insomnia, anxiety, sleep disorders, depression, chronic stress and nervous disorders such as epilepsy. It also allows the best Immune booster and digestive systems to function at their best. Jatamansi is also called “a woman’s herb” because it provides support to the female health and reproductive system. It eases period pains, relieves cramps and regulates the monthly cycle. It can also be used to treat inflammation, stimulate and cleanse the uterus and much more. The plant also lowers blood pressure naturally, by dilating the arteries.
  • Terminalia Arjuna (usually referred to as simply arjuna) is a deciduous tree (a tree that sheds its leaves annually) that grows throughout India. Its use in natural healing has existed for some time now. The flowers and leaves provide great medicinal benefits, the bark of this tree can either be white or pinkish gray. For the most part, it is used in many natural medicines and tested in various researches and studies.

Arjuna possesses anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties, which is why it’s become so popular. It functions as a heart tonic, helps manage cholesterol levels and improves aerobic endurance, blood sugar levels and natural Blood Pressure remedies. Wounds can be healed faster using the B Capsule that contains the arjuna, in addition to tackling fungal infections and diarrhea. The plant also helps in protecting the liver and kidneys to some extent.

The herbs mentioned above consists the supplement B Capsule for Blood Pressure Control. Their combined healing properties provide you the natural remedies for high Blood Pressure control in just one supplement. Therefore, you don’t need to take several capsules, to get the cure that you need.

If you are suffering from high blood pressure and want to take the B Capsule by Nveda.in, make sure that you consult your doctor first, especially if you are already taking a prescribed maintenance medication. The reason for this is because some supplements interact with other medicines that you may be already taking.

If the doctor gives you a go signal to take the B Capsule, then you can take it daily or on occasion as the case may be. Supplements are one of the best ways to give your body the nutrients that it needs to promote natural healing and you can conveniently get them in just one capsule. It is great because even if you eat a well-balanced diet, it does not mean that you get the supply of everything that your body requires for remaining healthy.

This product is available at the Nveda website Nveda.in, Amazon.com and FlipKart.