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May 23, 2024
Rheumatoid arthritis is an autoimmune inflammatory disease involving multiple joints.

In Ayurveda Rheumatoid arthritis is considered as Amavata which is caused because of imbalanced digestive power and Vata dosha.

the disease occurs at any age but peaks between 30 and 50 years. The reason would be the fast and stressed lifestyle at this age.

Signs and symptoms
βœ“ Pain in the joint especially small joints
βœ“ Swelling of the joints
βœ“ Stiffness specially in the morning
βœ“ Tenderness of the joints
βœ“ Warmth of the joints

According to American Rheumatic association
βœ“ Morning stiffness lasting for one hour
βœ“ Arthritis of 3 or more joints
βœ“Arthritis of hand joints
βœ“ Symmetrical arthritis
βœ“ Presence of Rheumatoid nodules
βœ“ Radiological changes

Ayurveda considers elimination of disease from its root cause hence the causative factors of the disease has to be avoided.
followed by treatment measures like
βœ“ Langhana - Fasting
βœ“ Deepana - Improving digestion
βœ“ Pachana - Improving metabolism and elimination of toxins.
βœ“ Oral medications

Diet and lifestyle modifications

βœ“ Include spices like Ginger, pepper and turmeric in the diet.
βœ“ Include food articles which are having anti-inflammatory property in the diet.
eg - Bittergourd, Giloy, Methi, white gourd etc.
βœ“ Consume warm and light diet which are easily digestible.
βœ“ Avoid food articles which are difficult for digestion.
eg- Non-vegetarian, Milk and milk products, uncooked vegetables, fresh grains.
βœ“ Don't consume food before digestion of the previous meal.
βœ“ Don't eat late at night nd early morning.
βœ“ Avoid physical activities immediately after taking food.
βœ“ Don't massage the involved joint with any oil as it may increase the condition.