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Immunity - How to maintain, balance and improve

May 23, 2024
On our daily basis we keep exposing ourselves to various diseases causing microorganisms like bacteria 🦠, viruses, fungi, protozoa etc. But most of the time it's not possible for these organisms to affect us...
Thanks to our immunity.

Immunity is the body's defense mechanism against diseases and it helps the body to stay healthy.

Immunity/immune system is a network of various cells, tissues, organs, organs systems, proteins and chemicals which work in a symmetry to keep us healthy by
βœ“ Not letting microorganisms enter into the body
eg - Skin, mucous membranes
βœ“ Killing the microorganisms
βœ“ Limiting stay of microorganisms in the body
βœ“ Restricting the growth
βœ“ Healing the damage caused in the body

Immune system includes
βœ“ Skin
βœ“ Mucous membranes
βœ“ Lymph nodes and lymph
βœ“ Blood - Red blood cells, white blood cells, platelets
βœ“ Antibodies
βœ“ Bone marrow
βœ“ Liver and Spleen
βœ“ Organ systems

Having low or compromised immunity causes various infections and diseases, which in turn affect the quality of life.

How to improve immunity
βœ“ Eat fresh fruits and vegetables which are seasonal , easy and light for digestion.
βœ“ Include spices which are anti-inflammatory
eg- Ginger, turmeric, pepper, coriander
βœ“ Sound sleep for minimum of 6 hour in the night. During the night time most of our body's healing happens.
βœ“ Regular sweaty exercise for 45 minutes per day and staying physically active whole day.
βœ“ Meditation to keep mind and body calm.
βœ“ Taking food supplements to keep body nutrition in Balance.
βœ“ Avoid alcohol and smoking
βœ“ No junk foods