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Feb 15, 2024
Anthocyanins are a group of deep red purple and blue pigments found in plants.
They belong to the category of plant Phytochemicals known as Flavonoids.

6 common Anthocyanins available in common are
1. Cyanidin
2. Delphinidin
3. Malvidin
4. Peonidin
5. Petunidin
6. Pelargonidin

Anthocyanins are found in fruits, vegetables and legumes.

Fruits: Cherries πŸ’, red and black grapes πŸ‡, strawberry πŸ“, black plum, red orange 🍊.

Vegetable: Red cabbage πŸ₯¬, red onion πŸ§…, red radishes, purple cauliflower, purple corn 🌽.

Legumes and rice : black beans, black rice, black soybeans.

Health benefits:
βœ“ Anthocyanins helps to reduce Blood pressure
βœ“ Reduce inflammation, plaque formation and cholesterol.
βœ“ Antioxidant effect of Anthocyanins helps to improve brain 🧠 function.
βœ“ Reduce cancer cell growth.
βœ“ Reduces blood glucose levels and improve glucose tolerance.