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Diet and lifestyle in Diabetes mellitus

Apr 05, 2024

Diabetes is a lifestyle disorder where pancreas fail to produce enough insulin or our body cannot effectively use the available insulin(insulin is the hormone that regulates blood glucose levels).

people with diabetes have a higher risk of other health issues like heart failure, kidney failure, stroke, loss of vision, nerve damage , delayed wound healing.
By following proper diet and lifestyle, diabetes and its complications can be avoided.

Diet and lifestyle to follow in diabetes
βœ“ Grains and millets like Rice, barley, wheat, greengram, horse gram, Bengal gram, kodo millet which are harvested a year ago.
βœ“ vegetables like bittergourd, ridge gourd, drumstick, garlic, turmeric, radish, raw banana, pointed gourd, Fenugreek leaves, tinospora leaves and vegetables which are bitter in taste.
βœ“ Fruits like Jamun, Amla and other fruits in limits.
βœ“ Meat of sheep and goat.
βœ“ Butter milk with water
βœ“ Yogasanas- Padahasthasana, Setubhandasana, Vakrasana, Arshamatsyendrasana, Vajrasana, Paschimottanasana, Halasana.
βœ“ Physical activity, exercise, walking.

Diet and lifestyle to avoid
βœ“ Freshly harvested grains, black gram, maida and it's products.
βœ“ Vegetables like potato, carrot, and beetroot.
βœ“ Sugar and jaggery.
βœ“ Milk and milk products except buttermilk.
βœ“ Meat of aquatic animals like fish.
βœ“ Fruit juices and sugarcane juice .
βœ“ Sedentary lifestyle.
βœ“ Alcohol and smoking.
βœ“ Day sleep.